Experience. We are a company specialized in Information Security since 1989. Constantly synchronized and updated through specialized formations on the services we render. We also support our technicians with intern and external course programs, conferences and workshops. Laboratory. With laboratories and a technical department in varied countries, we are able to develop the internationally needed skills locally. We dispose our services to everyone, from big industrial groups to small and medium enterprises and even private clients. Young and Innovative Department. Counting on a young technical department, which led with distinction for the last 17 years in the market of data recovery, area where the company’s name firstly surged. Along with the company’s evolution, through studies on the market and client needs, we have created new departments, for example Forensic Analysis, Information Security, Monitoring and feedback to incidents which stimulate the continuous growth. I&D Department. In DRC we count on an I&D (Investigation and Development) department with the objective of developing systems and processes in technologically innovative ways, in order to respond the requested needs of our clients, therefore offering a quality guarantee in our service, whether in technical or processing terms.

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Know the DRC Information Security Management System Policy

Why DRC Data Recover Center


Growing sector


Everyone can suffer failures


Information Security is vital


Data protection


“With Data Recover Center help’s I managed to recover all the work I had done throughout my life. With the evolution of technology is important for us, feel the security that this company gives us.”

– João Miguel


DRC has as mission to “Be and be recognized as pattern and model in the information security area, based on suitability values, confidentiality and innovation in the search for solutions that satisfy the trust and needs of our clients.”



“Your safety is our priority.”