DRC has developed a specific program of awareness and could be more or less technical depending of the client’s need.

The goal is reduce the risk by teaching accordingly the employees. This way they turn into the first defence line instead of the first fragility line.

The awareness classes are composed by several modules that approach several themes. They aim to focus the main technological and human threats, the hackers’ methodology, the individual role on protection or propagation of malware inside the organization, protection measurements, applicable legislation and threats identification.

On the end of each class, the trainees will have internalized the main knowledge of security, as well as the notion of the main existent threats, allowing a better identification, quantification and management of risk. The goal intends take the trainees to adopt a secure behaviour both at a labour and personal level.


Formation (Awareness) in Security



  • Increase the employee’s awareness on the Information Security theme.
  • Increase the protection level of the main added value, information, by adding an extra defence layer.
  • Increase the internal motivation, the knowledge sharing on fields with practical utility motivates the employee’s.
  • Reduce the number of vulnerabilities, both human and technological.