Know the new service of Backups Housing by DRC.

Nowadays, information plays a very important role in our society.

We can consider information as the basics for decisive choices, because a company can’t work without information, the faster the access, sooner the objectives are reached.

 It is important to have in consideration that the growing quantity of information in companies is an important resource that needs to be managed.

Why is important?


Usually companies keep their information in intern systems of storage. From some years ago until now, for safety reasons, some companies keep them offsite, which means, in case of disaster and damage in their infrastructure, it is necessary to have the data stored in a safe place., that way, the network can be backup faster and safe.

            Data Recover Center concedes clients a housing service, keeping and restoring backups, nonetheless, in every case of Disaster Recovery, the same is an important management of information for any company.


The service scopes the picking and housing of backup devices, furthermore the picking is made in the client’s installations, transported with safety mechanisms and taken to a safe place in Data Recover Center. All the process is audited, and registers will be regularly sent to the client about all the procedures completed.

Through prestige and credibility that Data Recover Center has gain in the market, it presents itself as a trusted company by the clients. Along with its needs, DRC creates new services and develops personalized solutions.

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