Why choose DRC?

  • National Laboratory
  • Success rate of 90%
  • Free Diagnosis and Budget.
  • We guarantee Data Confidentiality.
  • Professional services
  • Pay only in case of success
  • Data recovery from every type of devices and operative systems.

Data Recover Center is specialist in computer data recovery and does the diagnosis to your device within 2 hours.

The success rate is 90%. DRC technicians perform a serie of specific tests for each unit, for each brand and for each symptom the storage device displays. This way they determine with precision, what caused the loss of data, as well as the best method to recover the inaccessible data. It is important to know that, as long as the device is correctly manipulated, by qualified technicians, the rate of success is 90 % (Hard Drives), even though data recovery attempts made by the owner or unqualified technicians are a strong factor for the decrease of that percentage.
ATTENTION: When delivering your device to a company, check if they dont send it abroad. DRC does all its jobs in Portugal laboratory. Make sure the company you are working with is an authorized partner of Data Recover Center.
Data Recover Center belongs to one of the most important international association of computer data recovery, and its one of the founding members. Because the inscription to this association is restricted, it is a proof of credibility for DRC in the national market, distinguishing itself from the rest through its superior quality patterns. You can find out more about his association here.

What is a data loss?

Data loss is a situation in which the access to data is disabled, in a digital storage. It may occur for a large number of reasons: malfunction, human error, accidental or intentional formatting, natural disaster, fire, shocks, etc. The most common reason for loss of data is components malfunction, followed by human error. Data Recover Center made, in 2010, an intern study to analyze the different risks in loss of data. This study is based on the disks received in the Labs of DRC at 2009. Here are some useful conclusions:

  • Almost half of the losses of data are due to the HDDs design itself, making the human mistake, the second main reason.
  • Curiously the virus was not substantial, only with 8%.
  • Around 4% of the disks suffer from any type of problem during the first year.The following info shows how easy it is to lose data no matter how advanced your backup system is.
  • 80% of our clients do regular safety backups.

Therefore, Data Recover Center anticipates in what is now an indispensable service to many companies and private clients, due to the importance of the data in their Hard Drives. The reasons for loss of data are very distinct; we tend not to describe them all, but to show in general a description of how it can commonly occur.


Common Problems


Most Common Types of Faults
Data loss on damaged hard drives:

  • Data loss by mechanical breakdowns
  • Data Loss by logical failures

Recover files

Data loss by mechanical breakdowns Electric surges
They happen when the power supply has a malfunction or an overcharge of electricity, which builds up tension in the devices components. Usually the components of most consumption are the first to be affected, in those cases the detriment can be seen with the naked eye. These problems are very common in the HDD coils. Some people try to change the electronic parts of the disk by another thats similar, but that rarely solves the problem. It is to be kept in mind that a coil that suffered from a surge, can easily damage the next electric part we try to replace with the original. Furthermore the damage this may inflict on the platters surface due to the electric surge, which in some cases already analyzed can make smoke.
Mechanic Breakdowns
Disks have mobile parts, like the heads, that are very sensitive to continuous expansions and contractions, as with constant heating and cooling. A common example is due to the communication between coils inside the disk. Because coils have varnish on them, electric signals dont go from one to another unintentionally. But when the varnish wears out from temperature changes, coils switch signals and the motor loses speed, consequently disabling heads from reading platters correctly. Another prevailing HDD problem related to long term usage is the thin layer of lubricant on the magnetic support piece. When the lubricant loses his properties, turns itself into dust and therefore covers the heads cavities and critically decreases their reading capacity. The most well-known breakdown in a disk is called head crash. This one, consists in the gathering of particles around the magnetic support. When the particles corrode, which will eventually happen, all the magnetic enamel that contains data disappears. Sometimes in that case only the aluminum of the platters remains. Frequently, clients responsible for this kind of breakdown, point the cigarette smoke and humidity as reasons for the problem.
Loss of Data by Logical Failures
These type of breakdowns can occur because of user mistakes, virus action, system blocks or intern acts of sabotage. In some cases, when for a random reason the system doesnt respond and therefore it needs to be rebooted incorrectly. That could cause a discharge of cache or RAM memory, consequently able to re-write the partition tables and the boot sector, leaving the HDD in a state, impossible to boot the system normally from there on. This can also occur when second units are installed in the system, making it worse if the disk has more than one partition. A flaw very similar is the virus that damages this same area on the disks, also making it impossible to boot. In many cases the user simply makes the mistake of deleting important data, therefore Data Recover Center advises everyone to be very careful when about to erase data.
Recover deleted files and recover files

You lost or deleted data stored in your computer and want a file recovery?

Generally it is possible to go back and save the information, because in reality the operating systems only mark the occupied areas as free space, but the information is still there! That means, unless you retype over these areas, it is easy, using the right tools, to recover data. This way makes the recovery of erased files or archives possible. However there are more severe problems, like data corruption. Sometimes incorrect hardware usage or software errors can corrupt your files, with devastating consequences, in which years of info cease to be available for consulting or process. For those cases Data Recover Center has developed specialized tools to recover eliminated and corrupted archives. Data Recover Center has now a long experience in data recovery and it is the best option for you, if you pretend to recover erased or corrupted files, since it has the adequate tools for it. The process of erased archives recovery is totally secure and controlled by Data Recover Center specialists, who already worked with private clients as well as with companies, correctly evaluating the needs of each.


Computer Lab in Portugal
In Portugal, Data Recover Centers facilities are located in Lisbon, where the data recovery lab and the different company departments are situated. The data recovery and IT labs dispose all necessary equipment to recover your information successfully and in minimum time. For example, our lab counts on two laminar flow cabinets of class 100 and 10, which provide an adequate atmosphere to work with an opened disk by simulating fabric conditions. We also work on assembling stations, classified as more secure then custom requisites.
Tech and Know-how
One of the principles that sustain DRC is high tech. Due to its hermetic environment, in todays technology it is difficult to gather information about the functioning of many storage devices as well as with operative systems; it is not an easy task. All the know-how Data Recover Center has, results from a study of many years, proofs, system elaboration, information contrasts, innovation and continuous development in our knowledge. All point to provide the best service to our clients. Due to the diversity of manufacturers and politics of costs each adopts, it isnt possible to find, at a global level, a pattern of devices, so different techniques have to be developed to solve the same problem in devices of distinct manufacturer. DRC has enough experience to know the most usual problem of each Brand, which gives a preset of implications we may have to solve, thereby offering a superior quality service. The facilities are very important to develop this activity, and they need to be very specific, otherwise computer dedicated labs would exist more. The necessary devices to open a disk safely are known as laminar flow cabinet of class 100, which means the number of particles in the air smaller than 0,005 microns cant be superior to 100 in 1m3 of air. The computer laboratory of Data Recover Center has cabinets of class 100 to secure your data, enforcing their effectiveness 10 times more, with upgraded filters and much less particles per cubed meter.
The necessary tools to disassemble a Hard Drive without danger to data are often developed for brands or even models in concrete. Therefore, the lab uses its capacity to create new tools to complete the tasks, without compromising the result of the recovery, and using very complete materials for each manufacturer.
Spare Parts
An important concept in the technology of Data Recover Center is the reposition of parts. Although most cases dont need parts replacement, when they need, we have a board to check the compatibility of spare parts for every model, even more for the software that every storage device has implemented. Which if ignored, if the wrong controller was replaced all data could be damaged, due to software differences. At Data Recover Center there is a continuously rising stock of devices, now passing the eight thousand. The software tools we develop help in many different incidents, from Operative systems, to virus, formats, partitions, re-installments, system blocks, erased data, etc. As market course made the company work on advanced recovery technologies in systems like Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Linux, UNIX, Macintosh, and RAIDs. It also conducted it to develop tools for most File Systems as FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, HFS, HFS+, XFS, ReiserFS, VMFS, UxFS, UFS, ZFS, etc. For these reasons it is very important that you let nothing and no one interfere in case of incident. Data recovery is too complex to allow mistakes. The first look on the disk, the opening in appropriate environment as well as the needed logic a physic tools used by professional technicians, gives Data Recovery Center a 90% chance of having success recovering your data.


How DRC service Works?
Data recovery services: free diagnosis on 2 hours
Data Recover Center has at your disposal a data recovery service quick and efficient, working on any type of device or operating system, including servers

  1. Reception and diagnosis of the device:

After we receive the device, in a maximum period of 2 hours, is made a free diagnosis (unless the disk had been previously opened, in those cases we charge the diagnosis has a cost), including 3 options will be provided to adapt the service to the client and his needs as well as urgency for the recovery. Together follows the service contract, in which is guaranteed total confidentiality of your data. Normal recovery (8-12 working days) Priority recovery (4-7 working days) Urgent recovery (1-3 working days)

  1. Data Recovery Process:

Your device will pass to the laboratory, where all tests and processes are made to ensure all possible data is taken out and saved. After all the possible data to recover is gathered, a list of files is sent to the client, where he can confirm all information he needs.

  1. Devolution of Information:

Once the data recovery process finishes and is confirmed by the client, it will pass to the final phase, of saving the data in other support of the clients choice.

  1. Period of recovered data confirmation:

After the information is given back, the original device remains in the facilities of Data Recover Center, until the client confirms the data. A security copy is kept in archive for a period of 15 days after the jobs delivery. This process is important in case it is needed to access the damaged device again; it will be faster and more efficient, avoiding loss of time for the client. If it happens to be case of extreme complexity, to which there is no recovery process patterned yet, Data Recovery Center has a specialized laboratory of investigation and development, where specific solutions are made for each problem. However, this department has a workflow different from the normal recovery process; which implies the pre-viewed conditions for it, to be changed. Know more in Laboratory I&D.


Microdevices Data Recovery

Recover photos or a deleted memory card

We know losing personal information stored in a phone or digital camera happens very often. In those situations is very important to keep the devices memory out of use before you send it to a Lab. Trying to recover it yourself would only make the Job harder for us, sometimes impossible. Data Recover Center has the technical means and specialized resources to recover them, to start this process you only need to fulfill the form and we will make you a free diagnosis and budget.


Mobile Devices Data Recovery

Nowadays, with the progress of technology and the phenomenon of consumerization, the usage of devices and services of consumption in the companies reality, like smartphones, tablets, social networks, cloud computing, etc. We have experienced an uprising in the capability and capacity of mobile devices. This phenomenon is creating an environment where its possible to do the same tasks you were able to do at your desk on a traditional computer, through a mobile device wherever the user is at the moment. Devices like Smartphones and tablets are used more frequently for tasks of leisure and work. Given this fact, the volume of crucial information stored in mobile devices grew exponentially. The stored data in these devices have the same risks of loss of data than any other storage device, like Hard Drives, SSD and others, and unfortunately, due to technology improvements, these devices are also exposed to flaws and accidents every day they are used. For this reason, Data Recover Center developed techniques for data recovery in cases of breakdown, loss of access and deleted or corrupted files, in this kind of devices. The recovery scopes any type files including Contacts, SMS, Emails, Documents, Photos and Videos.

What we do?
In case of loss of access, is made an attempt of access to the main operative system. Customized applications are used to succeed and extract the relevant data. This allows the client to restore the system knowing that his data is already safe. In breakdown scenarios, the first try is to repair the device. If repairing is not possible, an attempt to read the intern memory of the device is made, every time possible.