What is it?


When a computer or storage device is delivered for replacement, destruction or any other reason, it must be reminded that the hard disk contains personal and confidential information regarding the user or perhaps even the entity to which services were rendered.

This service may be made on laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets, passing through servers and different memory cards. Without forgetting the storage supports existing in printers, photographic cameras, VDRs and other network equipment with vital information for companies.

For most organizations this is the most interesting and necessary service. DRC collects all kinds of equipment and certifies the erase of data of all of the devices pertaining to this equipment.

When the equipment reaches its end of life cycle it is essential that all data contained therein is permanently deleted. Erasing data from a certificated form should be part of the internal rules of an organization and is mandatory for the companies certified with ISO standards. It is also important that organizations that use leasing or renting solutions, to do it before they give back the equipment to rental agencies.







Why Use Safely Delete?


Many users ignore this or believe that simply deleting files or formatting a hard drive would make the information irretrievable. In fact, this is not the case. Due to their specific technology, most operating systems do not re-write the area where the deleted or formatted files were stored. Although they consider those areas as being effectively re-writable, the information is kept hidden until that space is needed.  Therefore it is possible to retrieve the information contained in the hard disk and reuse it. This can cause serious damage to an entity, both financially and socially.

Due to these factors, Data Recover Center provides a safe data erasure service. It certifies and assures the total destruction of data you want to delete, through irreversible processes, fulfilling all standards from international entities and related legislation. This service can be applied to any digital information media (hard disks, tapes, etc.)



Types of Destruction


DRC does destruction of data on all types of equipment on their premises or in customer’s premises, to this end we changed and prepared vehicles for this operation, with all the standard requirements so that its certification is recognized.All devices are certified individually and the whole operation is videotaped, a copy of it is delivered to the responsible for the equipment, who can also attend to it personally.                The destruction of data is carried out in two possible ways taking into account the client’s goal:

Logical Destruction – The information is deleted at the logical level in such a way that no support sector can be recovered, but it is kept functional after service and may be re-used;

Physical Destruction – The device is placed in a disintegration machine with appropriate blades for each type of support, physically destroying the device in small fragments, making it impossible to rebuild or recover;