Sophos Unified Management Appliances


Device dedicated to perimeter security, offers maximum protection against threats based in content at the gateway level. Block’s all type of threats, together with work post protection, in the network, in the mails received in the company, through web filtering, protection of web servers and wireless networks of the organization.

Scalable and adequate to enterprises of any dimension, the Unified UTM of Sophos is an easy to install protection, which allows the administrator to manage the entire network from a single point. Also available in Software or/and Virtual environments, the Sophos UTM appliances may contain the following modules, which can be acquired individually or altogether:

  1. Network Protection – Protects the network keeping unwanted traffic on the outside, and conceding safe access to authorized clients. Includes IPS functionalities (Intrusion Prevention System), access to VPN’s and portal VPN HTML5.
  2. Web Protection – Prevents Malware infections, provides control upon internet usage by co-workers. Includes functionalities like the filter of URL’s, antivirus, anti-spyware and applications control.
  3. Email Protection – Assists the management of e-mail counts, automatically eliminating virus and Spam. It features anti-spam and anti-phishing, double motor of antivirus analysis and e-mail encryption (SPX).
  4. Wireless Protection – Applies to the wireless network, the same policies and protections as with the physic network, all managed in a centralized system. Needed module to command the Sophos Access Points. Include functionalities as the wireless controller, multiple SSID’s support and portal of Wi-Fi hotspot management.
  5. Webserver Protection – Stops hackers from infecting the systems or steal sensitive data from the company. Features proxy reverse, web applications firewall and antivirus.
  6. Full Guard Protection – Includes all modules written from 1 to 4
  7. Full Guard Protection– Includes every module described from point 1 to 5, with the advantage of acquiring one license with a much more interesting price.    
  8. Endpoint protection – Optional module of jobs management, which provides antivirus protection, HIPS and device control in the working center, independently from where or how these are connected and fully integrated in the management machine of UTM.


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